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Training Treats and Accessories

Mini Tubs

Plastic micro tubs for playing the Bucket Game.

Easy to clean, lightweight and non toxic.

Flexible sides means they can be popped in a coat pocket for when you want to extend the Bucket Game to outside or other environments.

Available in a variety of colours.

Pure training treats is a variety of flavours


PickPocket Foragers are fully washable/tumble dryable fleece feeders in which dogs hunt for treats inside pockets.

They are simple to use, easy to launder and bring all the benefits of foraging into your dog's home. Each PickPocket pouch set consists of three handy pouches that nest inside each other in which treats are hidden to provide puzzle-solving foraging games.

The highly versatile pouches can be folded in multiple ways to increase difficulty, or used singly and filled with items such as empty toilet rolls, tennis balls or scrunched up paper for your dog to rummage through to find food. For non-food motivated dogs, a favourite toy can be hidden inside the pouches instead.

They are ideal mental stimulation for dogs on post-operative care, on restricted exercise or for those with reduced mobility due to arthritic conditions. Playing with the foraging pouches can provide these dogs with a few minutes gentle weight-bearing exercise. Foraging games are especially beneficial to senior dogs with cognitive dysfunction and 'golden oldies' whose other senses may be in decline and who come to rely more on olfaction. Blind dogs can safely forage in the pouches too.

Warning! Some owners are concerned that their dog will chew the fleece, however most dogs find foraging so immensely rewarding that this instinct usually overrides their desire to bite the fabric. Please ALWAYS supervise your dog and follow the instructions for use on the packaging to minimise risk. No dog should be left alone with any of the PickPocket Forager range as ingesting fabric could lead to serious medical issues. If you have any concerns or suspect your dog has swallowed some fabric, please consult your veterinary surgeon immediately.

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