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Large and Extra Large Harnesses

Large and Extra Large Harnesses

Our harnesses are manufactured here in the UK and are made from colour fast nylon webbing.

The fasteners on both sides of the neck and either side of the barrel enable you to put the harness on your dog without having to put it on or pull it off over your dog's head, or lift a leg. The fasteners are shaped to fit the contours of your dog's body making them more comfortable than a standard flat plastic clip.

If you or your dog are not happy with the harness for any reason, we refund the cost of the harness in full provided the harness is returned in perfect condition.

If you are purchasing this harness for puppies we recommend purchasing a narrow lead with a small clip and attaching it to the back double D rings rather than using the front ring and back rings together.

Suitable for :- Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Labradors, Greyhounds and some Giant Breeds

Neck 50cm - 70cm Body Piece 63cm - 99cm --- Staffordshire Bull Terriers, EBTs, Springers

Large x-back piece
Neck 50cm - 70cm Body Piece 63cm - 99cm --- Labradors, Pointers, Greyhounds

Neck 57cm - 87cm Body Piece 63cm - 99cm Maremmas, Burnese Mountain Dogs

Fitting Instructions Download

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