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Double Ended Training Leads

Double Ended Training Leads

We stock three different lengths of lead in two different webbing widths. The lead that will be most suitable will depend on your dog and you, as well as the activities you both enjoy.

If your dog is small you will need a longer lead as the dog is further away from you.

The 1.5 and 2 metre leads in wide webbing are available in four colours; green, navy blue, black and purple.
The 1.5 and 2 metre leads in narrow webbing are available in two colours; green and black.
The 3 metre leads in both the narrow and wide webbing are currently only available in black.

The 1.5 metre lead can be used on its own but is more effective when used with two points of connection in conjunction with a sliding handle. The sliding handle minimises the amount of tension passed down the lead if you need a firm grip to contain your dog in an emergency situation.

The 2 metre lead can be used on its own attached to either the double D rings, or the single D ring on the back piece. It can be used with or without the optional sliding handle if the lead is attached to two points of connection, or the optional handle can be attached to the end of the lead if a single point of connection is used to give your dog more space and room to enjoy sniffing when out and about.

The 3 metre lead is best used with a single point of connection on either the single D ring on the back piece or the double D rings on the back of the harness. These leads are ideal for dogs that need more space to explore when out and about but need to stay on the lead for safety reasons. They are also beneficial when progressing from ACE Free Work at liberty and equipment is introduced as the dog progresses through the steps, or for situations where dogs cannot be at liberty during ACE Free Work sessions.

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